zondag 8 februari 2015

Need everyone's help for my project in America

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Hi guys, please I need everyone help! Who can help me with my project? I just want to do something for the people for who are homeless in America. From the money that i can get, i would buy something to eat, some fruit, water and sleeping bags for the home...less people.

This would be a very nice opportunity for me to share my deep inside love for the people who are homeless.

So if my message would touch you, would you please sponsor me? If you want to contact with me, this is my email adress : contact@ikstavoorjeklaar.nl

Thank you very much guys for reading my post & watching my videos=)!
Let's connect!

Do you know a youtuber or a friend who lives in New York, North Corolina, Atlanta?

Thanks for who had watched my videos, sharings and thumbs up!

With lot of loves from the Netherland!